Doors Open Day has new Orkney co-ordinator

Kim Burns, administrative assistant at Institute for Northern Studies, thanks to its remit to encourage public engagement, is the new local co-ordinator for Doors Open Day in Orkney – Doors Open Day is the largest national cultural festival in Scotland.  Doors Open Day in Orkney is Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September. 

Doors Open Days is about getting into buildings for free, and seeing things that you don’t often see. If buildings are usually charging an entrance fee, they can take part by offering to open for free.  Doors Open Day love to get into buildings that have interesting hidden histories, or those that can offer additional events or activities (eg a tour, a play, an interactive activity). Participants don’t need to just throw open their doors – they can manage flow of visitors by restricting numbers or timings of visits, and they can just do it for one day on the weekend or two.  It benefits the organisations or venues by attracting more visitors, as well as the added promotion that being part of Doors Open Day provides.  It benefits individuals and local communities by becoming more involved in the community, as a volunteer or a visitor, and enhancing appreciation of local architecture and heritage.

Doors Open Days is also very much about volunteers and without their support it would be much harder to deliver such a diverse and interesting programme across the country.

If you want to know more, or are involved with a venue or organisation who would like to participate in Doors Open Day, please look at our Facebook Page: Orkney Doors Open Day, or visit the national website or email