McArthur praises Orkney College UHI for #LoveScotlandsColleges Week

Orkney's MSP, Liam McArthur, has praised the work of Orkney College UHI at the start of #LoveScotlandsColleges Week

Organised by Colleges Scotland, the online campaign seeks to highlight the importance and strength of Scotland’s colleges for local communities and economies.

Established in 1995, Orkney College UHI is an active partner of UHI (The University of the Highlands and Islands) offering a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, vocational and maritime qualifications. The college has also had considerable research success in Agronomy, Archaeology and Northern Studies.

Commenting, Mr McArthur said:

 "Colleges make a significant contribution to our local communities by offering the opportunity to study and train at any stage in life. Orkney College UHI provides an excellent example of this and has punched above its weight for more than two decades.

 Over that time, the College has built strong and productive relationships with local schools, businesses and charities while also developing an international reputation in research. All of which has helped build resilience within our island communities, supporting more young people to pursue careers at home while opening up genuine opportunities for older learners to benefit from lifelong learning.

 In that context, its unsurprising to see that students at Orkney College UHI recently rated their experience as the best in Scotland with an overall satisfaction rating of 100%. That is a fantastic vote of confidence for the dedication of local staff and the overall support received from UHI."