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Our library provides modern, extensive and cross curricular learning resources designed to help students make the most of their studies. In addition to an impressive local collection of core and supplementary texts relevant to courses we offer, Inter Site Library Loans are available across the larger UHI network. We also offer a range of online academic resources and e-books, available through UHI's library services.

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Librarian: Tracey Cooper,

Library queries: or (+44) 01856 569 272

The library is located on the ground floor of the main campus building, in room G3.03. Head down the stairs opposite reception, turn left at the bottom of the stairs and follow the corridor - you will find the library behind the second door on your left. Alternatively, head to the lift to make your way to the ground floor. Upon exiting the lift, you should turn left and follow the corridor, then you shall see the library on your right.

The library is staffed at the following times:

  • Monday – Thursday: 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Fridays: 8.30 am – 3.45pm

The library is open, but unstaffed at the following times:

  • Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 4.30pm - 5.00pm
  • Wednesdays: 4.30pm - 9.00pm 
Our Library Facilities content

Our Library Facilities

Our Library Facilities

The library has six modern computers with Microsoft Office, E-mail and Internet facilities. These are linked up to print in B&W or Colour. Alternatively you can bring your own Laptop as the library has plenty of desk space and free wi-fi access. To access wifi, select Eduroam from the list of available networks and login using your student email address and password.

You may use reference material or books from the shelves while using the library. Any material that you wish to remove from the library must be issued at the library desk before leaving the library.

What we ask of you:

Please respect other users by behaving in an appropriate and respectful manner. Please speak to library staff if you think a fellow student is behaving inappropriately.

Mobile phones should be set to 'silent' so that you do not disturb others. Please leave the area if you need to make a call.

Children are welcome, but please ensure that they are always supervised.

Please do not eat or drink in the library - this is so that we can maintain a clean and safe environment for you to study in.  Bottled water is fine.

Borrowing Books content

Borrowing Books

Borrowing Books

You may borrow up to 15 books at any one time. The initial loan period is for 28 days. If no one has placed a hold on the book, it will automatically renew twice.

Our librarian will help you to check out any books you'd like to borrow. In the absence of the librarian, you can use the 'MEESCAN' self-issue terminal just inside the library entrance. Please follow the printed instructions next to the terminal.

Meescan self-issue terminal

As well as print books, the library service provides access to a vast collection of e-books and journals which can be read online or downloaded. Our library catalogue covers all the material held at UHI Orkney and UHI partner libraries, and provides links to e-books and articles.

Renewing Books content

Renewing Books

Renewing Books

If you no longer require a book, please return it as soon as possible to make it available for other people to borrow.

There is a book return box located within the foyer of the main campus, which is to your left as you enter the building. There is a further wooden return box inside the library entrance, which can be used when no library staff are present. 

Inter-Site Loans content

Inter-Site Loans

Inter-Site Loans

Books held by other UHI libraries may be borrowed through the Inter-Site Loan scheme (ISL).

To place a hold on any UHI book that you would like to borrow, please search for the title in our Library Search.

When you find the book you need, click on the title and a new screen will appear.

On the right of the screen, you will see a green button which says PLACE HOLD. When you click on the hold button, choose from the following options:

Orkney College UHI - Click & Collect (Choose if you want the book sent to the college)


Orkney College UHI - Postal Loan (Choose if you want the book sent to your home address. Please add your correct postal address in the box marked " Anything else we need to know about this request?

You can also email and we will arrange the loans on your behalf. If an e--book is available, partner libraries may not lend you a print copy, unless there are special circumstances.

Inter-Library Loans content

Inter-Library Loans

Inter-Library Loans

If you wish to borrow a book that is not available through UHI you can request an Inter-library loan (ISL).

This service is only available to undergraduate and master’s students. Due to the cost, you must first request permission from your course tutor. Please email them with your request and ask them to forward your email with “Please go-ahead” to the librarian.

If you are a research student or research staff, please use this link to request British Library and Inter-Library loans

There is a useful video guide here.

Late Returns Policy content

Late Returns Policy

Late Returns Policy

We do not impose overdue charges if your book is late back, however, you will receive an email after your book is due to remind you to renew or return it.  After two further reminder emails, unless your PAT or PDA has informed us that you have mitigating circumstances which prevent you from returning the book on time, you will be invoiced for the cost of a replacement book. It is important to return books on time so that other students can access them too.