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Orkney College UHI Complaints

Orkney College UHI is committed to providing an excellent education and high quality services to our students from enrolment to graduation.  However, if something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us so that we can use the information to help us improve our services.

Q. Where do I find information about how to complain?

A. See the UHI student guide and complaints procedure.

Q. Is the UHI procedure for Higher Education students only?

A. No, at Orkney College Further Education students are covered by the UHI procedure too.

Q. Orkney College UHI is part of Orkney Islands Council (OIC) and OIC have a complaints procedure, can I use that?

A. Yes, you can use the OIC Complaints Procedure.

Q. Any other information I should know about?

A. Students have the right to complain to SQA about assessment related matters if still dissatisfied, once the applicable Orkney College UHI procedure has been exhausted. If the student is undertaking a regulated qualification, then they have a further right of complaint to SQA Accreditation or Ofqual once they have exhausted the college's and SQA's complaints procedure. However SQA cannot deal with complaints about assessment judgements - the Appeals Procedure must be used for this purpose. See guidance on the SQA Customer Complaints and Feedback process.