Get Ready for Work / Training for Work


The Employability Fund is a training programme funded by Skills Development Scotland, (SDS), that help young people gain the skills they need to progress in the workplace. The programmes offer people the opportunity to improve their skills through theoretical and practical approaches.

What can you do?

Employability Fund Stage 3

You will complete various employability based workbooks and discussions in college for one week. This includes CV and letter writing, job search, interview techniques and things to remember when starting a new job etc.

This is followed by up to eight weeks of full-time work placements. Each placement generally last for two weeks and are designed to improve your employability, enhance your CV, and hopefully improve your chance of securing employment. You may also be able to access pre-identified short course training as part of your training plan.

Additional Information

Trainees aged 16-18yrs who are not in receipt of benefits are paid an allowance of £55 per week depending on attendance. If you are in receipt of state benefit, you will get a revised claim award during your time on the programme. In most cases, this will remain the same amount as you were receiving before, but you will not need to sign on to get it.

Travel costs to and from college/placement are reimbursed on production of receipts. We will reimburse the equivalent of the cheapest mode of transport available. If no public transport is available, claims can be made at 22p per mile for the use of private transport. For trainees not living on the Orkney Mainland, finance is available to help meet the cost of accommodation. The financial support that can be offered is £35 per night and up to a maximum of £175 per week.

For more information please contact Job Centre Plus or Iain Wilkie who is the Training and Employment Officer at Orkney College UHI on 01856 569500 or by email.